Never Ending Sketchbook


Welcome to the Never Ending Sketchbook. This is a culmination of various photographs and street sketches; sprawled out over the years, and years to come.


These sketches are recollections of times gone by. In their loose lines lies the past; the places been & memories. As Virginia Woolf would have it, "the whole assortment shall be lightly stitched together by a single thread. Memory is the seamstress, and a capricious one at that. Memory runs her needle in and out, up and down, hither and thither." Memories are loose, subjective things, and that's what I hope my drawings represent. Images that are loose and contorted, of passed moments, hastily scribed by a pencil.


Motto: "Draw in recollection & amazement for yourself" - Jack Kerouac


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Last Update: 1st February 2014

The year Two-Thousand-&-Fourteen


Two Thousendand 13een


Trip up-Country

Me and me pal Leon had a little time on our hands, so took a trip away. First we headed up to Essex with no plan, only plan being 'see what happens' (Life is what happens whilst your busy making other plans, afterall). Ended up getting a lift up North (up to Helmsley in Yorkshire), then to York, Huddersfield, Manchester briefly then finally Birmingham and home. Here's a silly video to commemorate the trip;

Trip up-Country


This page has been a handy resource for a bunch of things. I was scrolling through it the other day and realised the different slant on my own drawings. I realised a while ago how cynical my drawings generally are -people glum faced, sapped of energy, lifeless, unenthused in queues and bored town centres.. but then I too realised, that any drawings I do whilst I'm away (out of the country) are on the contrary, often happy smiling people, in pubs still -but sharing a laugh. Or people simply with more life & energy in them, more animated.

This runs parallel with my feelings about England. I'm not the biggest fan of England, of our pessimism, our dumb-proud nature (which really has come from ruling the monopoly for so long and feeling all too proud and pompous about ourselves and our Empire) or just of the general attitude or people here; loud-mouthed yet inhibited, everything-at-your-fingertips yet nothing-to-do. I see different people and different attitudes when away and i've noticed (not always, but sometimes) I subconciously pick that up.


Mainland Europe

Zagreb girl's amalgamation

Train from Vienna to Zagreb

Vienna opera


Amalgamation of Prague faces

Mainland Europe 2013

Up t'North

And they say the flat cap is dead.. #NorthernFever

Valentines Day Blues

Up t'North '13

TwoThousandand.... 12!



Roadtrip to Glasgow

Young Lad first job first shirt.

Annecy 2012

This one has a funny story. I did this of a woman opposite on the underground in Lyon. She kept waking up every time we got to a stop, and then would fall asleep again. I had Fran sat to my left, so was asking her when she was asleep and i'd keep on drawing her. The whole time the women sat to my right was looking at what I was drawing and laughing to herself. Turned out - The girl sat next to me was her pal, and the girl I was drawing was concious the whole time I was drawing her. Her mate had told her - so she just pretended to be asleep. She had a quick look and laughed before jumping off the tube.

Drawing of an old fella in Lumiere's house, Lyon, and me drawing an old fella in Lumiere's house, Lyon.

Mother and child


Annecy '12

in The Front, Falmouth

Amsterdam '12

Amsterdam '12


Lady in ASDA

Philadelphia & NYC 2011

Girl on phone to her boyfriend


Time's Square. Basically like a big back alley lined with oversize flyer's.

Cool story about this one. I was in a bit of a miserable mood (for no reason, got out of bed the wrong way) and was trapsing round the underside of NYC looking for the place where they filmed Taxi Driver. I almost got robbed, and ripped off, so time to take a coffee break. I went into this diner, and sat drawing people. I only had $4 dollars, so could only afford the one cuppa. Sat there for about 40 minutes. The guy comes over, and asks again if I want another cup. "No thanks, not got enough money". He looks back, smiles and says, "Oh, no don't worry - those ladies said to put your table on there tab". Some kind ladies had seen me drawing and put it on there hotel tab as they left the cafe. Safe to say, after this the cloud had lifted and I walked down the avenue with a smile on my face. Love New York!


Blokes above & below.

Philly! Where Rocky ran to.

In Charlotte airport, USA

Newgrounds office, amazing.

Philly & NYC '11

Sat in the Bull Ring; Amalgamation of Brummy lads.

Life drawing

Life drawing (pregnant lady)

Life drawing

Life drawing

Life drawing

Life drawing

Life drawing with Joanna Quinn

Note - This wasn't travelling (just a train ride to Exeter..) but i've segmented it to keep it seperate.

Life drawing with Joanna Quinn

Sat in Costa

Two Thousand n' Ten

Italy - summer '10


Italy '10

Swansea beach bum

Where's this to? Answers on a postcard, please.

Love on the Dole

Two thousand and nine

Australia, summer '09

Token black guy

Australia '09