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Hello hello. My name's Tom Gameson, i'm 24, born in Torquay, and I'm a freelance animator. Recent clients include work for Network Rail, Akfix & TNT. Not forgetting last year finishing three years at Falmouth uni!

Have been animating since age (about 15) using Flash to begin with, and largely (+ intermittently), Flash, still. Animation is exactly what I want to do & exactly the art for me. Just about the right blend of subjective integrity & a blossoming succincticity. It just takes so damn long don't expect much exposure.

I spend alot of time sketching, my hero's are Dylan, Virginia Woolf, Jack Kerouac & Milt Kahl. Also -- Kathe Kollwitz, Bukowski, Brian Clough & John Keats.

I also make Beat Magazine, a local magazine distributed all over Torbay since 2013. We cover music, art, culture, philosophy, politics, etc etc. Anything we like to discuss we put in.

Take a look at my blog for latest news.

If you're interested in anything I do, anything I could do for you, or working with me on some idea, get in touch! Ta.



Basically my memory of this trip is you sat in Irish bars sketching people.

- Paul

When I look at your drawings I always feel uncomfortable, like i'm spying on somebody..

- Rozi

Everything you do I thoroughly enjoy

- Joel


Magazine ~ 2013/onwards ~ collaboration with Steve Luscombe

I met Steve in the summer of 2013, and after a few long night's spent drinking tea & talking, both realised we were on a similar path; both Torquay boy's born and bred; both desirous to see our home town thrive. We began BEAT Mag to draw a thread through all that was happening in the Bay. Printed monthly, featuring interviews with local artists, musician's, and a thorough Live Listing's at the back. Pick up your copy!

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2D Animation ~ 2012/13 ~ collaboration with Miguel Mitchell Da Silva

Began as our grad film at Falmouth University, finished 8 months later with the will & wings of a garage band.




Series of paintings ~ 2012/13

[ ongoing ]



One long scrolling sketchbook ~ 2009-current

[ ongoing ]



Commision piece for Network Rail / Mason Digital ~ 2013




Really just silly little memento's of times, but nice little windows to the past too. Enjoy. ~ 2013





Trailer ~ 2010 ~ 2D animated bits by me

Collaboration with Olly Skillman-Wilson, Jake Jones, Alan Matthewman, & Josh Cottam




Need some music to listen to? Visit the Wall of Screens~ 2013



Part of the 'Fellaheen Ramble series'










This is just a few painting's (the nicely-nicely finished type). Check out The Never Ending Sketchbook for much, much more.


Email: Tom(at)

Tel: (+44) 758 057 3310

Based in Torquay, UK.

Tom Gameson

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